Sex is a mystery that completes us as people. Many keep it within “the established limits,” but increasingly decide to explore its potential. We don’t really know who we are until we get rid of prejudices and taboos. Which allows us to fully enjoy life.


In Casual Escorts we work every day with single and married men and women, with couples and with all kinds of sexual preferences. Here you can develop freely and safely, and above all, have fun.

Here you will find women who devote part of their time to offering sexual services, as a way to deepen their eroticism and give themselves the life they desire. They all take great care of themselves: their skin, their hair, their perfume, their way of dressing. They are excellent company when they have to relate socially, and intensely intimate when they are with you.

Choose your erotic experience

In Casual Escort you can choose between two ways. Choose the woman with whom you would like to live an erotic experience, and consult her page for their sexual specialties and rates. Take the opportunity to get to know her better.

Decide on a sexual activity that you love or want to try, and choose for each one the escorts that are specialized in it. Ask and enjoy, you are in expert hands.

Whatever your choice, we recommend that you always agree with your chosen one what you want, what you like and what you don't, and what the limits are. Especially, that you relax and free yourself, that you fantasize, that you seduce and let yourself be seduced. This is your time.

Decides how to live it

A high level escort can be anything from a company at the height of all kinds of events, dinners and social events, to the ideal couple for a romantic trip or a bride and groom experience.

You can spend an hour, part of the day, a night, a weekend with her or ask her to travel with you for pleasure or business. In a hotel, an apartment ready for appointments or at home. You can ask her to go with you as your partner to an exchange club or make you submissive. At Casual Escorts we take care of everything for you. You just have to call.


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