Erotic sado

Breaking limits

If you want sex from the strong, ask for erotic dating. In Casual Escorts we offer a light sado to start you or for those who love certain “mistreatment” in sex, well controlled.

You decide on which side you put yourself: in that of sadism, and therefore enjoy giving orders and “hitting” your partner. Or in that of masochism, in which you prefer to be the “mistreated.”

sado - Erotic sado

Bypass your limits

Mastering people can be a great pleasure at any given time. Have someone in your hands, forcing them to do or receive what you have. In a life in which we are continually obliged to negotiate and compromise, it is a great liberation to have a stronghold where to be the one who commands… and let the other like it!

In the light or erotic sado you live this situation with all the paraphernalia you want: fetishes, costumes, role-play or simply the sheer pleasure of bossing or creating agreed situations between the two. But no pain. In this service the recipient always has a keyword that pronounces loud and clear if the game is exceeded. Before starting, both people decide what the rules of the game are, what is allowed and where they want to go.

Maniatar, chaining, erotic games to lose the fear of the situation and get into the role, give orders, show submission, maybe at first you want to repeat some movie scene. But you’ll see how soon you come to life with your own sexual fantasies…

Erotic Sado in Casual Escorts

Only some escorts understand that this is about domination and submission, that the game is serious. So if you want the erotic sado service, choose one of the authentic professionals who will know how to give you the pleasure you are looking for. Or that you still don’t know what you want.

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