Erotic costumes

Release your sexual repressions

What if that police woman decided to give you another way? Would that nurse want to punish you for getting out of bed? Maybe it’s a doctor who wants to repair the damage she has done to you … So many times, having sex with a “professional” woman is one of our best sexual fantasies.

What is clear is that wearing erotic costumes in a sexual relationship, maximizes the level of mischief and excitement. And de-stressing capacity!

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Free your sexual repression

You may not dare to get laid on a plane, but you can do it with a stewardess. It’s so easy to relive that situation. Maybe it’s with a secretary, there have been so many real cases… The important thing is to start playing. Forget who you are for a moment!

Erotic costumes can also be elements as suggestive as long satin gloves, a lingerie, an apron or a military touch. Let’s not say a kitten’s tail or a devil’s tail…

Sometimes also, it is the couple who wants a third person to give them duties, catch them infraganti, introduce them to each other as co-workers, have to cure them…

Disguising oneself in sexual play liberates many limits and taboos and a basic need of which we are often unaware: that of dominating or being dominated. It is also an excellent way to enjoy a highly erotic relationship.

Erotic costumes in Casual Escorts

Escorts who love to disguise themselves usually have various erotic costumes with which they find themselves in the middle of paper. If you want something more special, let us know so they can rent it, at a small additional cost. They can also accompany the scene with sex toys such as whips, handcuffs, bandages… If you do not have a specific sexual fantasy (or have it seriously repressed), let your chosen escort be the one to suggest you, or surprise you.

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