Dinner date

A great way to heat the room

You never tire of being with a very attractive woman. It fascinates you and you love to see her and see you.

It is also a pleasure to be part of a midday or a night of the atmosphere with much style of Barcelona or Madrid. Eat or dine in the restaurant where the beautiful people go, ignite with their sensual and luxurious atmosphere. And enjoy after high-voltage sex with her. This is the service “dinner and accompaniment”, in which Casual Escorts takes care of everything.

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A great way to warm up the atmosphere

Sex and food are an explosive combination. Both produce chemical changes in our body, which awakens to taste and touch. After all, we use the mouth both for eating and for licking and kissing. Sex and cuisine are also fond of imagination, temptations, stimuli… nothing better than a good restaurant for this purpose, the new cuisine, surprising, which presents sensually the dishes.

Your companion has also dressed especially for this lunch or dinner. Discreet but luxuriously sexy, with fine lingerie. She knows how to eat in these restaurants, chat with you and make everything even more sensual. It is likely, of course, that it will surprise you with a gesture more than affectionate… It will warm your evening with its unbeatable way of moving in these environments and excite all your senses.

Dinner and accompaniment in Casual Escorts
Dinner and accompaniment is a 3 hour service that includes going to lunch or dinner with an escort and then to an apartment or hotel (or to your own home). It is the ideal option to meet beforehand and to enjoy the company of a very beautiful woman.

In Casual Escorts we can recommend you restaurants in Barcelona and Madrid, and we take care of booking everything for you.

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