Sex Toys

Novelties keep coming

Would you like to see her introduce a vibrator in front of your eyes? Or would you like to put it on yourself? Maybe you test it … A vibrator, a dildo, a harness, can be a great novelty in sex, and even change the roles for a day.

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They keep coming back with news

Seductive, provocative, let them show up in your relationship and suggest new ideas to you. Sex games are also a great way to break the ice and shyness.

There are for women and men, or those who can enjoy both. Like the double harness, which allows one woman to penetrate another while masturbating herself. Some are deliciously mild and spicy, others stimulating, those that increase the sensations and those that seek to reach the G point. In the market does not cease to appear surprising novelties such as dolls for them, magic balls, hydromax, vibrating thongs with remote control… Ready to meet, for example, Lolita, a glamorous vibrator with 3 intensities? Or the bunny rabbit vibrator?

Anal sex has its own stimulants and toys for both sexes. Penis rings help to achieve long hours of sex and a potent erection, the anal ball chain is a unique pleasure, male masturbators also go in search of the G-spot.

Erotic Toys in Casual Escorts

Are you going to spend some time with one of the impressive escorts of Casual Escorts? Ask her to bring some sex toys to experiment with, surprise you. Unlike most special services, for which you have to choose women who specialize in them, any escort will be happy to play with you. Guaranteed a high level of sexual arousal

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