Escort for couples

From fantasy to real trio

More and more couples know how to enjoy sex and want to open up to new experiences, to keep the spark alive between them. Introducing a third person sporadically in their sexual relationship is one of the most common fantasies among them.

From the saying to the fact … there is a big step. That’s why Casual Escorts escorts are well-prepared to give you the confidence both partners need. It is very important that the two of you feel equally spoiled, that there is no situation that can provoke jealousy. Trust your experience.

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From fantasy to the real trio

It is also relevant, when launching to realize the fantasy of a trio in couple, that you imagine the situation together. What do you want the girl to be, where will it happen, who will start, what do you want and that you don’t want to allow yourself to do or receive… Are you sure you will get along well to see how your partner has pleasure with someone else?

As in any trio, it is key that you take this adventure for what it is: a way to explore new experiences and pleasures, to intensify sex, strengthening your relationship. Trust between the two of you is key. It is also important to know that when making love with two women, you have to use different condoms.

What is certain is that a trio brings a new dimension to the erotic relationship and has a great capacity to strengthen the couple. The price, if it goes bad, can be high. Appreciating in pairs to turn this fantasy into reality can be a great time to get to know each other better.

Escort for couples in Casual Escorts

Only bisexual escorts can offer the Escort service for couples. You can choose from the list below, or call us for advice. If you would also like a special service, please let us know. Once you meet the chosen escort, you will agree with her the limits of the relationship that you will create between the three of you. Have a great experience!

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