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Casual Escorts is an agency o luxury  escorts established in Barcelona and Madrid. We founded the agency with the mission that the clients place an absolute confidence in us.

The girls who decide to become escorts go to the agency through the casting or by recommendation of laguna friend. They do so entirely voluntarily.

Many of you ask us if the photos are real. This is a world with a lot of competence and very few professionals. At first when you asked me this question I was even outraged but I realized that there are many agencies or independents who deceive customers. I think it's a big mistake because he is a dissatisfied client who will never recommend or repeat with the agency and on the girl's side, as it is not the one he would have asked for, most likely told him to leave. What can be gained by cheating? Well, that disgruntled client and disgruntled escort. That is why I repeat that the photos are current and 100% real. We have an exclusive photographer who works for us, we are advertised in the best portals where they verify the authenticity of the girl and that it is real, because we do a little bit of photoshop to make the photo more attractive.

Many of you will also wonder why a girl decides to become a luxury escort?

Most of the time it's to get an extra. Today sex is lived in a totally different way than 20 years ago, sex is fun, passionate and very sexy. Girls live it that way and if they can get a better bonus.

Why do they go to a luxury escort agency and don't go independent?

Because they feel safer and we just keep them on schedule. We advertise them, recommend them as we see the tastes and requests of the client and they go and intimidate with him.

They are usually normal girls who you would never say they are luxury escorts, who study at university or work in their working hours in a normal company and when they finish their jobs or their studies they dedicate their hours to having meetings with you. This gives them the opportunity to meet different people, from another circle that never, but outside because they serve this service would know, provides them with financial support and above all enjoy safe sex without anyone judging them.

A luxury escorts agency gives the face for the escort and gives the face to the client, ie... there is someone behind who knows at all times what happens and anticipates what can happen so that everything is a success.

No deceit, no lies and being as honest as possible. In the agency the girls are protected with their true identity since many of them have family who do not know it, friends, etc... we respect their schedules and the non-intrusive way of contacting them.

You customers have the total security and confidence that they are girls who have passed a filter casting to be able to be in this prestigious agency and know that they are not going to do anything to harm you.

Discretion, elegance, ways of doing things are our premises.

We were born in Barcelona, in the city of Barcelona, because we are from here and it is where we know the environment best. Especially the distances. It wasn't long before we started opening the escort agency in Madrid. At first it was not easy because we didn't control the situation very much, until we hired a person there who is responsible for Madrid that runs all the castings and meetings,. In this way we make the meetings in Barcelona and Madrid as perfect as possible.

We are an escorts agency of virtual luxury, that is to say we do not have our own apartment.

What we do is that if you are not staying in a hotel or do not want the escort to come to your home, we hire apartments by the hour. We take care of the reservation, always in the name of the girl, and you are there.

The apartments we work with have been carefully selected and visited by us. They're very discreet, agency level apartments. With all the amenities that an hourly apartment can suggest, such as mirrors on the roof, Jacuzzy, mini bar,....

The apartments we collaborate with are several and are located in different parts of the city. So depending on your location you can choose between one or the other. The most important thing is that you never come across anyone, they are very discreet so you should not be afraid to think that you will meet another gentleman there.

Many of the escorts are real bisexuals, some have preferences with each other, it's a matter of taste and feeling for that reason when making a trio it's important to let us advise you.

You can contact us to request an appointment through whats upp, calling us by phone or simply sending us an e-mail.

We will never call you, or advertise you, unless you explicitly tell us to call you when, for example, a girl is available.

The agency acts as an agenda of contacts for escorts who decide to collaborate with Casual Escorts in Madrid or Barcelona, which is why it is very important.

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