A unique experience

Anal sex with a beautiful woman who knows how to make it safe and loves to practice it is an explosive experience. It is one of the services most demanded in Casual Escorts. The escorts who practice anal sex will create that climate of confidence and relaxation necessary, whether you are the one who wants to have it from behind, as you are the person who receives that formidable sexual pleasure.

The most exciting thing about anal sex, for starters, is the penetration of a forbidden door. Not all people are open to this sexual practice, and Casual Escorts is the ideal place to fulfill this dream or learn to do well, and then encourage the couple.

Owning from behind also has the morbidity of enjoying the ass, one of the parts of the body that most excites. For the man, it is what will give him greater sexual pleasure, since it is introduced in a narrower place, that will drive him crazy. For her, it is a position that leaves her erogenous zones free, to be caressed and increase the excitement to unsuspected limits.

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Anal sex in an intimate environment

In order to launch anal sex, it is essential to begin by washing your body thoroughly. What better way to give yourself an erotic shower right now. Having the anus waxed also makes things easier.

When both are ready, the anus begins to be caressed. A practice of the most exciting, which expands it gently. You can get here and finish with a black kiss, or experiment with specific sex toys.

If you decide to continue, the next step that will warm up the moment more is to lubricate the area and the condom – anal sex should always be done with a condom – with an erotic lubricant. And to come in very gently. Very careful not to cause damage and to look for the best position so that it is for both pure pleasure. For the escorts who do it is their favorite practice, and they know well how to initiate you if you are the one who wants to receive this experience.

Anal sex in Casual Escorts

If you want anal sex, you can choose from the following escorts who enjoy it and know how to do it with the patience it deserves. It’s so exciting, you can finish too fast. They have everything they need: condoms, lubricant and sex toys. They’re already prepping you for the erotic shower… Call!

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