Erotic shower

Bodies and massages in the shower

It’s your first time and you do not know very well how to start …, you do not want to go fast to enjoy that woman, or on the contrary, you’re going to explode your encounter with an escort with a dust in every place of the room, what better You start with the shower! In addition, the two remain clean and aromatic, to taste each other.

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Bodies and massages in the shower

The erotic shower is the prelude to almost all sexual encounters with an escort. And a good way to warm up the air. It combines the erotic power of massage with that of water. And you can start enjoying the wonderful body of the escort.

All escorts take care of your body. They go to the gym, use expensive creams and perfumes, have a mane full of aromas, sexy nails, hydrated skin. And they are very proud of their curves, which they know how to use powerfully. In the erotic shower, the escort offers you her body in all its splendour.

An experienced massage will start by taking your stress away and preparing you to live the moment in depth. Then the turn comes on your back that, in a Californian massage, you will feel those expert hands that run through it and begin to lower… and not just your hands. And by the way, have you ever had a massage on your buttocks?

Erotic shower in Casual Escorts

All escorts are good in the erotic shower. It is also the best way for them to get to know your body and your tastes, and start playing with your desire.

In the erotic shower you can complete intercourse, or continue later in bed. Maybe you want to try erotic toys or the golden rain. Or add a third woman to the shower. You decide… or improvise.

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