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    In Casual Escorts we want your experience to be unique and for that we want to solve all your doubts before you contract our services, in this way we assure ourselves a great smile in each of our clients and you can rest assured that you will not have unpleasant surprises of any kind.

    For this we have made a small F.A.Q. with the most frequent questions on your part.

    If you still have any doubts, we invite you to call us and we will try to help you personally to resolve any issues you may have.

    As we have said above, we want your experience to be unique ...


    How far in advance should I make an appointment?

    The longer the lead time, the more you make sure that the chosen girl has a free schedule and the appointment is a success. The escorts combine this activity with their work and/or studies and travel specially. Although many of the girls usually need an hour in advance to get organized and arrive on time at the arranged meeting place.

    What's the difference between an escort vip and a normal escort?

    The main difference is your rate. Each escort decides to set a VIP or regular rate. Another difference is that girls who choose to be like Vip usually wear great fashion brands, speak several languages, many of them are professional models. They also have this exclusive rate, that is, they are escorts who make only one or two meetings per month because they usually travel a lot. It must also be said that many escorts are at the level of VIP but decide to work at a lower rate because they do not travel as much and have greater availability.

    Are the photos posted on the web real?

    Of course. Of course. Our motto is to repeat and recommend us. It’s not about fooling anyone, on the contrary. The photos are 100% real and taken by a photographer who works exclusively for Casual Escorts. We use Photoshop just to erase some distinctive mark on the girl as tattoos to preserve her privacy in front of family and friends. In this case, if you ask for that girl we inform you if she is tattooed or if she changed her hair color for the photo shoot.

    Do I have to pay taxi for the escort?

    When you meet the escort somewhere will depend on whether she comes to pick you up or if you go to pick her up. If the appointment is after 00.00 a.m., a cab fee will be applied since the escorts do not have public transportation to get there and back

    Can I trust the agency's discretion?

    Yes. Any data will be treated with 100% discretion. Casual-Escorts will only use the personal data provided by you and always with your permission in order to guarantee a good service and that the appointment is a success. We never send promotional messages.

    When should I pay the escort?

    At the time of the meeting and in cash Bizzum, immediate bank transfer or credit card payment. If you wish to make a trip accompanied by one of our escorts you must pay 50% in advance.

    What are the escort rates?

    Here you can find the rates of our escorts. For trips or special requests you can contact us via email, message or telephone and our receptionists will be happy to inform you in detail.

    Is discretion on the part of the escort guaranteed?

    Yes. Of course, discretion is guaranteed by both the escort and the entire Casual-Escorts staff. The escort lady expects the same from you. They are the first ones interested in no one knowing that they lead this double life. Casual Escorts are girls with a high cultural level and know how to be always able to adapt to the situation of the moment.

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