Que relacion existen entre los olores corporales y el deseo sexual - What is the relationship between body odors and sexual desire?

What is the relationship between body odors and sexual desire?

One thing is clear, although it may not seem so, body odor is more present than we think within sexual desire. Many studies have conducted different studies and have shown that odor has a direct influence. If you want to know more, just stay with us and we will explain everything you need to know.

Is smell important in sexual desire?

The answer is yes, smell is one of the senses that make us enjoy sensations and for that reason it is closely related to sexual desire.
Despite the fact that humans do not have a highly developed sense of smell, studies have shown that it influences more than we think when it comes to finding a partner, having sex and above all developing sexual desire.

According to the studies, although until now it was thought that the sense of smell did not influence the search for a partner, we have realized that the opposite is true. Pheromones can be captured through smell, which can awaken sexual desire. That means that through smell people have an easier time knowing which person is more likely to be their partner or not. It is true that we are almost never aware of that detail, but studies have shown that pheromones influence much more than we think.
In addition, studies have shown that people who have a more developed sense of smell are people who tend to have more satisfying sexual experiences and consequently find it easier to reach orgasm. And that’s because smell is much more closely related to sexual desire than we think.

Does smell help us find a partner?

As we have been saying, smell helps us to find the right partner. We do not realize it, but smell helps us to realize unconsciously if the person is compatible with us genetically or not. For that reason, we can say that smell plays a much more important role than we think.

According to the latest studies, this could be due to the fact that the human race, like other species, seeks to avoid inbreeding. That would make that the smell itself also influences in a direct way with the physical attraction.

With this information we can realize that smell has a strong influence on sexual desire, which makes us think that there is still a long way to go in this aspect.

Es bueno lanzar olor corporal - What is the relationship between body odors and sexual desire?

Is it good to launch body odor?

With the data we have presented, we could conclude that bathing and putting on perfume could be negative when it comes to finding a partner, i.e., real body odor would be the best option for flirting.

But taking into account the studies, the important thing is to show others a pleasant odor combination with pheromones. It is being studied whether the sense of smell is able to distinguish a person’s pheromones from other pleasant smells such as deodorant or perfume.

In principle, everything would indicate that the sense of smell is more developed than we think and that would make the distinction possible. Not to mention that studies have also shown that not all people attach the same importance to body odor.

The importance of smell in sexual desire

As we have mentioned, only a few studies have been carried out on the relationship, but everything indicates the following aspects, remembering that they are still in the study phase.

There are notable cross-cultural differences in how the sense of smell is valued individually and how it relates to sexual desire.

Women valued the sense of smell more highly and paid more attention to body scent, although they showed a lower level of sexual desire compared to men.

It was found that the more salience was given to odor and how often body odors were perceived, the greater the sexual desire.

These associations remained consistent, regardless of gender and culture of origin.

Is there a different biological response to body odor?

Taking into account the studies carried out, we can certify that there is. It is true that smell influences, but the biological response is not the same in all people.
Taking into account that the olfactory signals that reach us are directly related to our organism, not in all people the signals are translated in the same way. Sometimes, it has been seen how two people feel attracted by the body odor of the other party, while in other occasions one party feels attracted and the other does not.
All this is due to the fact that there are different olfactory circuits that make an olfactory signal pleasant for some people and not for others. This means that for one person a body odor may be very interesting, while for another it may not be so interesting.

Does smell influence more than physique when looking for a partner?

The answer is no, each thing goes separately, although it is true that we tend to look for the perfect combination.
It is clear to everyone that we are all looking for an attractive person, which means that physique is important. But physique is not always the determining factor when it comes to finding the ideal person. In many cases it has been shown that a “good-looking” person does not end up making another person fall in love with him or her. And this lack of infatuation may be linked to the fact that the smell does not match what they are looking for.
By not matching the pleasant smell you are looking for, the person may be physically attracted, but not fully attracted. That causes that the probability that the couple ends up forming is low. And if the smell is not pleasant, you do not end up being comfortable with that person on a sexual level. We are not talking about friendship, but about something else.

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