Los mejores consejos para separar la fantasia del cine erotico de la realidad - Top tips for separating erotic film fantasy from reality

Top tips for separating erotic film fantasy from reality

Los mejores consejos para separar la fantasia del cine erotico de la realidad - Top tips for separating erotic film fantasy from reality

On many occasions, separating the fantasy of erotic cinema from reality can be complicated. The actions are so well designed that we think they are real when they are not. For this reason, we have contacted some of our escorts to give us some keys to separate the erotic fictional world from reality.

If you put into practice the tips we are going to show you, I can assure you that differentiating reality from fantasy will be much easier. After all, it is necessary to make this separation because real life is not the same as in the fantasies of erotic cinema.

1- We must be aware of fiction

The first thing we have to do to be able to make the differentiation is to be aware that we are not really seeing a thing of reality, but that we are really in front of a fictional scene.

When we are aware that it is really a fantasy and not reality, is when we really realize that we are facing something exaggerated that in many occasions distorts reality. The purpose of these things is to attract the public.

With this section we want to make it clear that it is important to be aware that what we see on the screen is not really a realistic sexual scene. It is important to recognize this because in real life we will not be able to put them into practice without causing significant damage.

2- Understand the purpose

It is essential to be clear that erotic films are made for the audience to enjoy. But once we know that purpose, it is essential to be clear that it is made to titillate and entertain.

With this information we want to make it clear that erotic films should not be considered as a series of learning scenes. It is important to remember that sex is different in real life, that is, intimate relationships are not always linked to what we see in the movies. When we are aware of that detail, we find it much easier to enjoy real sex.

3- Open communication

In many occasions, in the movies they go to the “subject” and do nothing else. But in reality things are different, open communication is necessary for everything to go well, both in sex and in the relationship itself.

It is essential that the communication between the two parties is of quality. The goal of that communication is to know what the other person likes and thus to know what he or she wants. In addition, through communication it is easier to know the limits of the other party and thus respect them. In erotic movies, limits are practically non-existent, but in real life they exist and must be respected. Without clear communication it is impossible for sexual relations to be satisfactory for the parties involved.

Las experiencias son diversas - Top tips for separating erotic film fantasy from reality

4- Experiences are diverse

As escorts tell us, it is essential to understand that sexual experiences are personal and diverse. When we are going to live a sexual experience with a person, it is likely to be different from what we have seen in the movie. That is because there is a great distance between real life and fiction.

When we talk about experiences, it is vital to be clear that not all people enjoy the same sexual practices. And the truth is that it is good that each person has their own tastes, so the experiences are much more varied. What is clear is that it is necessary to know their tastes so that there is a good coordination and enjoyment.

5- Respect is fundamental

As you can see in many movies, machismo is usually the dominant factor, but real life is very different. When we are going to have a sexual relationship, machismo should not be the winner, but the winner should be equality and respect. When one person performs the dominant position when the other has not given permission, respect and consent is being lost.

If you really want to enjoy yourself, you should not try to impose yourself. To enjoy what you will have to do is to respect and have the consent of the other person. Forcing as it happens in the movies will give you problems and will make what in principle was something to enjoy an ordeal.

Erotic movie scenes can often depict situations that do not adequately reflect consent or mutual respect. To avoid this, you need to be realistic and do only what your partner wants. And of course, your partner should also respect you so that the experience is mutually beneficial.

6- Exploring fantasies

Many of our escorts tell us that their clients want to make some sexual fantasies they have seen in movies come true. But those fantasies are not going to give us the pleasure we are looking for.

To enjoy to the fullest we always have to explore our own fantasies. And to do that, we have to leave the fictional world and stay with the real world. If you have a sexual fantasy in your mind, try to put it into practice if your partner gives you consent. But when you put it into practice, don’t make the mistake of trying to compare it to erotic cinema. If you do, you will be making a really big mistake.

7- Sexual education

It is essential that you do not try to learn about the sexual world through erotic movies. As we have already mentioned, in many occasions it is exaggerated and that can make us learn things that are not really good.

In order to enjoy real sexuality, what you should do is to get quality and realistic information. Good sex education will make your intimate relationships much more pleasurable. If you are looking to learn in a realistic way, the services of one of our escorts can be of great help. They are real and can teach you things that would otherwise be impossible to learn.



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