odaxelagnia - Odaxelagnia: the pleasure we experience when we are bitten

Odaxelagnia: the pleasure we experience when we are bitten

odaxelagnia - Odaxelagnia: the pleasure we experience when we are bitten

When we talk about sexual relationships, we realize that each person has his or her own preferences. It is complicated to find one person the same as another, because each person has his or her own tastes. Thanks to that variety, sex is so much fun. And to enjoy it, it is necessary to find a combination to make the experience as pleasurable as possible.
Throughout this article we are going to talk about odaxelagnia. As escorts tell us, it is something that many people like, although it is true that not everyone likes it in the same way.

What is odaxelagnia?

Odaxelagnia is a paraphilia which involves sexual arousal through biting during sexual activity or in erotic contexts. These bites can vary in intensity, from mild to intense, and can be enjoyed by both parties if desired and consented to. As with any other form of sexual activity, it is crucial that everyone involved is in agreement and comfortable with this practice.

What is the desire we get when we are bitten?

In this case we may have doubts about whether the pleasure we get when we are bitten in an affectionate way is sexual desire or paraphilia. It is important to be clear that not everyone likes to be bitten. For example, there are many people who enjoy small bites in the neck area and others hate it.
To help you be clear about this, we are going to show you the things that are not normally considered paraphilia.
Odaxelagnia is not the only way to get pleasure or reach orgasm. For that reason it should be taken as a complement.
When this type of practice is performed, it is important to make it clear that no harm is caused. It does not matter if it is physical or psychological, no harm should be produced, since what is sought is pleasure. It is important to make it clear that the sadistic side is not sought. However, it is important to make clear that this technique, although it causes slight pain, being pleasurable, it cannot be considered as a filia.
Of course, this technique should be used only when the affected parties are in full agreement. That is, if one of the two parties does not agree, then this technique should not be chosen. Odaxelagnia should always be practiced voluntarily and consciously. After all, if we do not agree with this formula, we will not feel pleasure when we get small bites. In other words, it is essential that both parties concerned agree.
With all this, we can say that odaxelagnia bets on behaviors that can be taken as something normal. That yes, as we have said, it should be taken as something normal within couples who really enjoy this technique. As we always say, to enjoy we have to respect the rights of others.

Porque se siente placer con los pequenos mordiscos - Odaxelagnia: the pleasure we experience when we are bitten

Why do you feel pleasure with small bites?

It is a question that you have surely asked yourself at some time. It is something that comes innate in the human being, that is to say, looking back we can already see that the small bites excited the population. Even in the Kamasutra book this little pleasure technique is already reflected.
According to experts, we can say that by obtaining small amounts of pain what is done is to release endorphins. Endorphins are also responsible for sending the message of pleasure, which in small amounts and without intensity are really positive. They are hormones that make us feel better, which explains why many people like to be bitten.
It is important to remember that endorphins are neurotransmitters which help us to have a positive perception and that translates into easier intimacy and pleasure. When techniques are used that help their release, then we can say that we get pleasure and consequently we will notice more excitement. After all, what the brain is receiving is the message that we are enjoying ourselves and we feel good. For that reason, odaxelagnia has gained a lot of popularity among couples. In a way it is one more tool you have to enjoy yourself.

Is odaxelagnia linked to BDSM?

There are many people who wonder if odaxelagnia is linked to BDSM, that is to say, to bondage that bets on the technique of domination and submission.
To give a 100% effective answer is impossible because everything depends directly on the thinking of each person. From my point of view I can say no, because it does not cause any kind of domination or extreme pain. For that reason, I define it as a technique to obtain pleasure.

How should the bites of odaxelagnia be?

The bites should always be soft and with an erotic touch so that they can offer the pleasure we are looking for. If we bite too hard or without sexual tone, then the pleasure will not come and what will be provoked will be a rejection.
So that the small bites can have the expected results, it is important that they are soft and are accompanied by other affectionate signals such as caresses or kisses. Only in this way can it be said that this technique will really give good results.
Like everything in the sexual world, the more you practice it, the more you master it. Remember, affection is always fundamental, and at the same time, the strength of the bite must always be taken care of to the maximum. Pleasure is always sought, not suffering.


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