Impose your rules

Sometimes the pleasure comes from having someone in your hands, ready to obey your orders and accept light punishments, always within an established game. To abandon oneself to the will of another and act as submissive is also a powerful way to eroticize oneself. In Casual Escorts we know well of these pleasures.

serv sumisa - Submission

The art of being dominant

The submissive accepts the master as her master, whom she must obey, worship and please. The master must instruct and train you, guide and discipline you, violate any kind of erotic martyrdom or reward you. Orders are given to the submissive voice, with a snap of fingers, with a glance, with lashes… The submissive must always be very attentive, listen to her master and carry out his orders accurately, answering “yes, my master”. You can also suggest new forms of training. To receive pleasure, you must earn it. Sexual intercourse can be non-existent, there is no physical contact, to all kinds of actions. Fellation acquires intense strength, as does erotic excitement, which is dizzying.

The master-submissive relationship activates unmet desires and needs since childhood. It is also a powerful way to escape from the excess of daily responsibilities, or to play with power. For some, it is the most satisfying form of sexual pleasure, deep and liberated. For others, the opportunity to rediscover sex and its inner liberation.

Submissive in Casual Escorts

In Casual Escorts you will find several women who love the role of submissive in sex. They have great experience and know what you will demand of them as master. It is important, however, that you agree beforehand on the limits and the safety word to stop an action that may be seriously damaging it. The intensity should always be mild.


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