Apartments by hours

Live your dream erotic experience in an apartment in Barcelona or Madrid. Perfectly discrete. No one will know what you are doing. An elegant and sensual experience. With glamorous bathrooms, some with Jacuzzi. Erotic TV channel and private parking available.

Let us take care of everything! The apartment is yours for hours. You don’t have to register of give your name, you just walk in! You never meet other customers and have an individual waiting room in case you arrive at a different time from your date.

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Places Prepared for Sex

The place where an erotic relationship takes place is very important. Comfort is first and foremost. You need to feel that you are alone, so we ensure that no one will disturb you. An intimate and romantic setting is important. Good adjustable lights, pleasant aromas and decorations and some erotic details as well. A good shower is essential of course, and other options such as a whirlpool or Jacuzzi with bath products, condoms and towels are available. Other extras available include: tantric decoration, round beds, mirrors, porn channels, music and imaginative sofas. We pay particular attention to matters of discretion. Many of the apartments appear quite middle class or office like from the outside so as not to attract attention. No one will know your business. Some have alternative access available for extra privacy and special parking arrangements. Apartments are accessible 24 hours a day and are available in different parts of the city. Triple rooms also available and all apartment come with a high standard of cleanliness. Pricing is flexible.

Temporary Apartments in Casual Escorts

Just let us know when you make an appointment with an escort that you require a private apartment and we will reserve one for you for whatever time you require, We have years of experience and can recommend some of the best apartments in both Barcelona and Madrid, to suit your needs.

All you have to do is ask us!